Sunday, May 19, 2013

What Value Does Linux Advocacy Have?

by Dietrich Schmitz

Do you benefit from coming here?  Is there value in the content you read?  I sincerely hope so.

It requires no more effort than what you might spend for that exotic blend of coffee first thing in the morning each day.

Take one of those five dollar bills and set it aside.  Make a small donation today to help me continue this advocacy and survive.

It is both a matter of survival and the continuation of this website that are at stake.

You see, I have been unemployed for over a year now and with how the economy in the U.S. has been, finding work has been extremely difficult.  Add to that the distinct possibility of 'ageism' and you have what has happened to me.

I am not afraid of work.  I was working for my Grandfather and Grandmother's 'Mom and Pop' grocery store when I was 16.  I caught down a chute 500 pieces of stock from a back alley delivery truck to a holding room, then moved that stock to palettes in a main cellar area of the store.  Then, I worked at night carrying each of those pieces of stock up a set of stairs to the store floor and stocked shelves.  It was hard work, but I was happy in the knowledge I was helping my Grandparents.  It was a passion then and it made me feel really good to do it for them.

Today, Linux Advocates is what makes me feel really good.  I am passionate about advocating Linux and I hope it shows in the quality of content I provide to you.

Still, I have enough money to pay one more month's rent.  I am running out of cash--all of our life savings has been depleted during this terrible period of unemployment.

I pledge to continue as long as I can to run this website and make Linux Advocacy my top priority.

If you can find just five dollars $5 to make a donation, I would be most appreciative of your help.

Thank you.

Dietrich Schmitz
Site Owner

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