Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Systemd: Got Choice?

by Dietrich Schmitz

I've been thinking over the whole systemd issue and have written several stories about it.

It seems to me that somehow a major tenet of Linux has been overlooked:


When exactly did choice go out the window?

I want to know why systemd is not an 'opt-in' configurable option?

Did I miss something?  No, I am afraid I didn't.

No, the whole situation has really been simmering in my mind and as I did more research on systemd, the only conclusion I can reach is that systemd is being foist upon us without a shred of consideration being given to 'choice'.

There is no recognition of or respect given to choice when a Distro simply removes sysvinit or any of the other fine initialization schemes in favor of systemd.

This represents a violation of a major tenet of Linux that I cherish and don't appreciate having simply taken away from me.  Choice is mine.  I can let someone else make a decision for me, or, I can seize control and decide for myself what is best for me.  Someone else has decided that systemd is best for everyone.  Well, guess what?  It isn't.  And you don't have to accept it.  There are still Distros which don't use systemd and some that actually do give you the option to use it.

As far as I am concerned, this is a grievous error and every user should protect their given right to choose what is best for their situation.

Making systemd an opt-in configurable choice should have been given top priority.

If you don't protect your right to choice, who else will?

Today, as a matter of principle, I am taking action on this issue and resolve to do something about it.  Taking choice away is wrong and elitist at best.

I will fill you in later in a follow up story.

-- Dietrich
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