Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mageia 3: Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

by Dietrich Schmitz

There hasn't been a time that I can recall over the past year that when I check the Distrowatch ranking that Mageia wasn't in the top 5.

It goes to show that this Distro has legs and has the essential attributes of a thorough-bred commercial Distribution.

That's because in spite of its community status, Mageia is a fork of commercial Distro Mandriva Linux.

Yet, while successful Mageia 2 was released in May 2012 and has a lot to offer, it seems that the Mageia community have been having their fair share of unforeseen project delays in keeping to milestones in their Mageia 3 release schedule.

Anticipating that the release was nearing, I decided to try their beta1 and beta2 releases.  Unfortunately, in each attempt to install, the X server crashed and I stopped there, thinking that perhaps waiting for a release candidate was in order.  It's to be expected in the beta phase for sure, so I paid no attention to it and moved on.

According to an announcement made on the Mageia Blog, the 'final release' date (May 3rd) is once again going to be postponed to May 18, 2013, for the third time.

Looking at their Systemd Features page indicates many unfulfilled items related to migration.  This being an accepted feature has, no doubt, been a major contributor to at least some of the project delays.  In the same Mageia blog post, volunteers are also encouraged to participate and contribute to the project work at hand.

I say, 'haste makes waste' and the Mageia Team will, in due course, work through these issues with care.  So please.  Be patient.

Good things come to those who wait. ;)

-- Dietrich

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