Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fork Ubuntu to Preserve Community Participation

by Dietrich Schmitz

Members of the Ubuntu community may have reacted negatively to my story Ubuntu is NOT a Community Project.  When they are done being upset and settle down, they can then realize what is happening.

Things are not within your control?  Ask yourself what can be done to regain control: Fork Ubuntu and declare a jihad and move all Ubuntu community developers to an openUbuntu fork. (Image credit:

Does this make sense?  I submit to you it does.  What can be gained from it?

It will create a true "arm's length" relationship between Canonical Ltd. governance and true community FOSS participation.  Each has their own interests, some are mutually beneficial, others are at conflict.

Having this division is necessary so that the community regains control of consensus-based decision making.

I submit that members of the Ubuntu community do not have that now.  It has been taken away and you are not part of the important decision making process.

Break the conflicts of interest, make your own determinations and maintain your moral integrity.  Consider doing a fork of Ubuntu.

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