Thursday, May 16, 2013

Add Alacarte Menu Editor to Fedora 18 Xfce

by Dietrich Schmitz

One of the nice things about Xubuntu was being able to edit the Main Menu by right-clicking the Menu icon and clicking properties and then pressing Edit Menu.

The Edit Menu button is not present in Fedora 18 Xfce spin, but if you follow these directions you'll be in business.

First, we need to install Alacarte menu editor.  Open a terminal and type:

$sudo yum install alacarte

If this were Gnome that would have sufficed, but when you go to click Edit Menu button and then 'New  Item', the Create Launcher window fails to come up.  It turns out that a call to a missing gnome executable is the cause.  So adding this command from the terminal will fix it:

$cd /usr/bin

$sudo ln -s exo-desktop-item-edit gnome-desktop-item-edit

Open with right-click on the Applications Menu button, then click properties:

Right-click Applications Main Menu button and then click Properties

When the Applications Menu comes up, click the Edit Menu button:

Applications Menu, click 'Edit Menu' button

Main Menu Editor should appear and when clicking New Item, a new Create Launcher should appear, which was the issue this story shows how to fix:

You can now edit your Menu.  As it should be.  I hope the Fedora Team take note and will fix this in Fedora 19.

That should do it.

-- Dietrich
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