Thursday, May 16, 2013

Red Hat Enterprise Linux: LSB Certification Means Stability, Lower Cost

by Dietrich Schmitz

Are you looking for stability?

You need not look to Ubuntu LTS to find stability.  Sorry to bust the bubble of those who suffer from  delusions of grandeur, but the level of rhetoric really has gotten to be just a bit too much.  

No, I've lived on both sides of the deb/rpm fence using both Ubuntu and Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.  Ubuntu is a commercial Distribution underwritten by Canonical Ltd.  Ubuntu depends on Debian, which is a community Distro.  Fedora on the other hand is the base for all software research and development which ultimately finds its way into Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

When it comes to real innovation, users can be assured that Fedora will include all of the most leading edge software available.

Standardization Breeds Stability, Reliability, Lower Cost

Unlike Ubuntu, when it comes to Linux Standard Base (LSB) compliant operating systems and applications, the latest Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 is certified.  This is very important to Enterprise IT which must rely on standard behaviors without unnecessary deviation, or, software fragmentation.

Software fragmentation is a major problem in the Distro community where Distro A's software may not work on Distro B because of some non-standard variation in the filesystem or software design and functionality.  Uniform software behaviors based on standards means that system administrators can anticipate and support software with the least amount of time and effort expended.  Conversely, software variation means not enough standardization and potential for increased support which translates into higher cost of operation.

Red Hat 10-Year Lifecycle Support

When it comes to using the Fedora community Distro, if stability becomes a concern, then Red Hat's 10-year Lifecycle support for their Red Hat Enterprise Linux is available.  Those interested in RHEL may obtain a free 30-day evaluation version of RHEL6 to determine if it fits their personal or business needs.  A simple registration process will allow you to receive from Red Hat a link to your software to download.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is Superior Technology

Red Hat is the right path to take given their long track record of use in real-world large-scale Enterprise business settings.  You don't get into the New York Stock Exchange unless you have stability and reliability going in your favor.

So, don't listen to all of the hype.  Sort it out.  Discern the true differences.  Red Hat Enterprise Linux represents superior Linux technology built on LSB standards providing truly stable lowered cost of operation.

-- Dietrich
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