Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie? Hell No.

by Dietrich Schmitz

My colleague, co-founder of Linux Advocates +Katherine Noyes, wrote a story which sets the record straight on the need for rational, civil discourse in the Linux Community.

It needed to be said and I thank her for taking a stand on principles which get continually violated.

As for myself, I do tend to be acerbic in my approach to writing and exchanges with others.  But that doesn't mean I don't care or pay respect to others' ideas when tendered appropriately. (Image credit:

Many of the stories are written to challenge the status quo thinking and I don't sugar-coat anything so as to be politically correct.  This site has no plan on changing that and will continue to turn over and expose issues that  have importance to the Linux community.

Aside from the occasional, innocent pull of another website's misquote, for which I take corrective action when needed, I offer opinions which are at times not popular.  As the saying goes: "Opinions are like colons; everybody has one."

One of my most recent stories, Confused by FuSE, yielded some quite mean-spirited, inappropriate feedback, some of which was deleted.  My opinions are mine, and they didn't warrant me being tap danced upon with football cleats.  You can read the story and judge for yourself.

Still, I do take full responsibility for my own personal conduct.  That is what individual accountability is all about.  And, I hope everyone will stop to think about what they do beforehand and act responsibly.  Otherwise, all of the claims of tribalism and fractious behavior in the Linux community will hold true.

So, will I let sleeping dogs lie?  Hell no. You can count on that. :)

-- Dietrich
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