Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Gentoo Team Isolates Udev from Systemd (eudev)

by Dietrich Schmitz 

I've written a series of articles centered around the development of a new middle-ware initialization daemon service called systemd.

In my last post, Systemd: An Accident Waiting to Happen, I shared the concerns of one Developer who wrote about why systemd should not be used in Linux.  I feel strongly that his concerns elucidated are valid and I strongly urge you to consider an alternative to using systemd.

Gentoo programmers announced on December 17, 2012 the fork of udev to eudev.  And over the last several months have arrived at a workable solution.

On their GitHub site they invite other Linux Community Developers to participate in enhancing the eudev project so as to assure it becomes fully compatible with their respective initialization service protocol.  Here is a passage from the text from the README file in their eudev repo:

This git repo is a fork of git:// with the aim of isolating udev from any particular flavor of system initialization. In this case, the isolation is from systemd. 
This is a project started by Gentoo developers and testing is currently being done mostly on OpenRC. We welcome contribution from others using a variety of system initializations to ensure eudev remains system initialization and distribution neutral.

This is an extremely important initiative as it relates to finding a solution that removes all dependency on systemd to so allow eudev to operate with Gentoo's OpenRC initialization routines.

Your participation is encouraged to increase the scope of compatibility of eudev to ensure their continued system initialization independent operation.    -- Dietrich

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