Tuesday, February 26, 2013

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Update: Summary of Enhancements to the Linux Advocates Website

I'd like to update all of you on the status of the Linux Advocates website and the ongoing work being done thereto on your behalf.

The website is a 'work-in-progress'--and I sincerely appreciate all the good work that +Pete Mazzaccaro and +Jonathan Hutson have lent to the start-up process that began the last week in January 2013.  It's a testament to just how quickly one can deploy a site these days that it took roughly a week to set up and begin posting.

Following the opening, February 1st, I have applied the following site enhancements to date:

  • Changes to font (Droid Sans true type)
  • Changes to text color and links
  • jQuery to hide the top Navbar-iframe
  • jQuery to run the slideshow
  • jQuery to collapse the sidebar widgets
  • jQuery to 'nudge' the 'Browse by Category' section
  • Sidebar Flash 'Cloud' Labels
  • Custom forward and back links on any post
  • Custom glyph for the jump break 'Read More' button
  • Custom JS Notifcation Bar on bottom of screen
  • Custom Sharebar Wibya on bottom of screen
  • jQuery button arrow for 'top of page'
  • Google Feedburner rss feed
  • Contact page with embedded Google Apps contact form
  • About page with embedded Google Apps presentation slideshow
  • Calendar page with embedded Google Apps Calendar
  • Contributor page for honorary Contributors' bios
  • Custom About Author html for posts
  • Custom Community page link to Google Plus LA Events
  • Custom Support Page for ongoing Donations
  • Custom Thanks page for Indiegogo Wall of Thanks Donors Honorable Mention
  • Custom RSS feeds to Linux.com, LinuxLine, and LinuxInsider
  • Custom Zemanta Editor SEO tool for Chrome
  • Google Translate
  • Custom Twitter sidebar Feed from Twitter/LinuxAdvocates

Also, I have set up pushes to major social networks, including, Delicio.us, LinkedIn, Facebook Pages/LinuxAdvocates, Twitter/LinuxAdvocates, Google Plus Pages/LinuxAdvocates, StumbleUpon and maintain ongoing posts and site management.

Thanks to all Guest Writers and Contributors for your support of Linux Advocates.  I hope to keep the site going as long as I can.

I continue to seek additional Guest Writers and Contributors.  In that regard, if you feel qualified to write about Linux and Open Source, please do not hesitate to reach me or Katherine Noyes (see Contact page for email addresses).  If you don't have email, use the contact form found also on the Contact page.

I would also like to remind the readership that this is a 'full-time' endeavor.  Accordingly, I am looking to support my costs for running this site for the next six months.  If I can't reach my funding goal, I may need to discontinue the operation of the site.

+Katherine Noyes and I hope you will donate if you can and/or share the Indiegogo Support Linux Advocates Campaign with others found here:


Thank you for your support.

--Dietrich T. Schmitz, Site Owner
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