Friday, February 8, 2013

Guest Writer Aioanei Rares on Deck

As part of a regular weekly series, Katherine Noyes and I will be having Guest Writer appearances on Linux Advocates.

Aioanei Rares, Freelance Writer
We are pleased to announce that Aioanei Rares, Freelance Writer, has kindly and graciously accepted an invitation to write and will be making a 'Guest Writer' appearance this coming week.

Aioanei's Linux Gazette bio:
"Aioanei Rares has been using Linux and BSD since 2003. He's a member of the Fedora quality assurance team and a contributor to various projects. When not at the computer, he enjoys reading and riding a bike."
Aioanei has written extensively covering Open Source, BSD and Linux for Linux Today, Linux Gazette, Open Logic,  and openSUSE technology blog websites.

On behalf of Katherine Noyes, myself, and staff, I would like to extend a special thank you to Aioanei for donating his time to Linux Advocates.  --Dietrich

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