Monday, February 25, 2013

Guest Writer Mladen Mijatov on Deck

As part of a regular weekly series, Katherine Noyes and I will be having Guest Writer appearances on Linux Advocates.

We are pleased to announce that +Mladen Mijatov,  passionate Open Source/Linux Advocate, Programmer, has kindly and graciously accepted an invitation to write and will be making a 'Guest Writer' appearance this coming week.

Mladen Mijatov, Programmer
From his G+ bio:

"I am a 'self-taught' programmer with passion for open source software. One of those guys who just like playing with computers and tinkering with code. 

Huge fan of Linux operating system to which I contribute any way possible. Giving back to the community all the goodness I was able to enjoy thanks to them.

Over the years I had my fingers in a lot different areas of programming, from server, micro-controllers through mobile devices, desktop and web."

On behalf of Katherine Noyes, myself, and staff, I would like to extend a special thank you to Mladen for donating his time to Linux Advocates.  --Dietrich

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