Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Guest Writer Robert Pogson on Deck

As part of a regular weekly series, Katherine and I will be having Guest Writer appearances on Linux Advocates.

Robert Pogson, Technology Analyst
We are pleased to announce that +Robert Pogson, Technology Analyst, has kindly and graciously accepted an invitation to write and will be making a 'Guest Writer' appearance this coming week.

Robert offers up this short bio about himself:
"Robert Pogson is an old man in his sixth career, retirement. That leaves time for writing about GNU/Linux in his spare time between gardening, hunting, grandfathering, and walking around.
GNU/Linux found him in the Arctic of Canada trying to keep five PCs running for one class at a time in his classroom. That other OS did not work. GNU/Linux did. Since then he has introduced thousands of students and teachers to GNU/Linux and they have enjoyed increased reliability and performance for very little cost.
He has learned about Free Software and sharing. That's the right way to do IT and he doesn't miss an opportunity to tell everyone about it."
Robert Pogson is a regular commentator on +Katherine Noyes' LinuxInsider Linux Blog Safari column.  He also maintains his own blog website providing regular insightful stories covering all manner of  Information Technology related trending topics.

On behalf of Katherine Noyes, myself, and staff, I would like to extend a special thank you to Robert for donating his time to Linux Advocates.  --Dietrich

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