Friday, February 15, 2013

Linux Distro Survey Results: SolusOS Ranked #1

SolusOS wins in LA Survey
Okay, Here are the Linux Distro Survey (results).  Incidentally SolusOS ranks number 1.  Talk amongst yourselves. --Dietrich


  1. I couldn't vote, but If I had, SolusOS would have one more vote. ;-)
    And If i could vote more than once, many Debian sons would have a vote, including Ubuntu and CrunchBang; and Mandriva, too.
    Could you sort the list according to the votes, instead of Distrowatch, Dietrich?

  2. (3rd time I wrote this) Interesting, Dietrich. I couldn't vote, but would add +1 to the winner. I would also vote (if possible ) in other Debian's (itself, Ubuntu, MiniNo and CrunchBang) and Mandriva, too.
    Could you sort the distros by votes, instead of Dw ranking? Thanks.

  3. PS: also Poseidon and Knoppix!! Should never forget those two "most used" by me (tiem and number of machines), and PCLinuxOS.