Friday, February 1, 2013

Introducing Linux Advocates

Katherine Noyes, Journalist
Welcome to Linux Advocates.

I hope to be able to foster and cultivate interest surrounding all developments concerning Linux.  Topics will vary from opinion pieces to coverage of current events and new technology trends, but all having a common thread--Linux.

It’s a pretty simple premise, and I hope to succeed in raising awareness by providing ongoing stories driven by my perspective and experiences with Linux.

Being a Linux enthusiast is not enough.  Advocating its use is key to its continued growth.

Joining me in that effort, I am honored and delighted to announce, Katherine Noyes will be giving her unique point of view on a regular basis.

From her LinkedIn profile, Katherine is a seasoned journalist currently writing for the Linux Foundation, PCWorld, LinuxInsider and Springwise websites.  Formerly, she was a Senior Editor for CIO Magazine and Copy Editor for PC Week.

I am looking forward to working closely with her on Linux Advocates.

In addition, I plan to have other ‘high profile’ guest writers contribute stories to Linux Advocates giving their own very insightful unique perspectives.

That pretty much covers it.  I hope you will give your candid feedback and if you have a request for coverage of a special story, do not hesitate to send me or Katherine an email[1] letting us know.

Thank you.
Dietrich T. Schmitz

[1]Contact Information:
Dietrich: dietrich at linuxadvocates dot com
Katherine: katherine at linuxadvocates dot com
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  1. Hello Katherine,

    My name is Matt and I live in Northern California. I am and have been a linux advocate in my own spheres of influence. We are a "linux shop" at my house and I only boot MS Windows to play a game from time to time. I look forward to following your blog and would be happy to contribute my perspective as you might desire. I am a stay-at-home dad and I use linux everyday to get things done. It works for my family. Thanks for wanting to do this awesome work.