Sunday, February 17, 2013

Linux Advocates by the Numbers

by Jonathan Hutson

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Over the last week we have been working very hard to make Linux Advocates as amazing as possible. In between strangling the rainbow juices out of unicorns and threatening cupids for enough arrows to enslave mankind we have been gathering a lot of information about what types of people are using our site.

One of the things we've looked at is what operating systems are used to view our material? After all, if it was 100% Linux,  then it would probably mean either that our work was already done, and we’d enslav.... converted the world to Linux or else it would mean we were preachers before the choirs, as it were.

Here is a breakdown of OS stats:

It looks like we have a really healthy even spread across the board. It would be nice to be reaching more iDevice users. The most fascinating detail to me is that while 8% of our users are accessing from Android 4.0 or newer, it seems we have very few Android 2.3.6 and older Android devices accessing our content. That is interesting! Statistics elsewhere would suggest that those numbers should be flipped.

Next we looked at what browsers are being used to hit us up:

Firefox and Chrome/Chromium browsers are close in numbers with Firefox having a slight edge, with IE and Safari rounding out the top 5. IE trumps Safari but if you add in Mobile Safari’s numbers Safari beats out IE. Cool! That would be a more logical way to do it since Firefox Mobile and Chrome Mobile both chalk up to the one stat. However, at the end of the day, Firefox and Chrome still trounce the competition.

The big news, however, would be the Linux Distro Survey results. This was something many of us were wanting to know because there is so much understanding to be gained by knowing this simple detail.

For example, Ubuntu’s user base is much different than, say, Arch or Gentoo’s user bases. Also, we have many of the project leads from various distros as a part of our community so they can get some new numbers on their exposure.

The initial survey consisted of using a list of the top 100 distros from DistroWatch over the last week and the survey ran for a few day's time.

The breakdown is as follows:

It turns out that a young start wins this survey. +Ikey D and his SolusOS distro hit the top spot with a full 17% of the vote. Some surprises were contained with this as well however. It's worth noting, in my humble opinion, that +Andrew Wyatt and his Fuduntu distro as well as +Jeff Hoogland and his Bodhi Linux distro have enjoyed large amounts of popularity in our community and yet seems to have received very few votes. Arch/Slackware/Gentoo seem to have held up as expected. They are each popular distros among their target audiences, but that target is small.

Well ladies and gentlemen, that concludes my overview of our recent stats and how they break down. Feel free to leave comments discussing your thoughts on these results below.

--Jonathan Hutson

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  1. Solus is Yet Another Debian Derivative, and the survey reflects astroturfing by fanboys. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    1. Soon, I'll be running the survey again for a week span to better randomize the data and with a different too:LimeSurvey. 100 respondents does not a survey make. Thanks.