Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Insidious Nature of Chromebooks

by Dietrich Schmitz

While writers like +Ed Bott  at ZDNet would have you believe that Google's Chromebook is struggling, contradictory evidence of its pure ubiquitous nature continues to appear.

Just the other day, Google made yet another announcement in having struck a deal to sell Chromebooks in two more national chain stores.

It was heralded as a major triumph for the Chromebook to get shelf space in Best Buy roughly a year ago.  Historically, it represented the first Linux-based SKU ever to reach the 'brick and mortar' retail center's sales floor where Microsoft Windows and Apple have been historically dominant and the only two shows in town.

Gradually, and insidiously, Chromebook is finding its way into the mainstream distribution retail centers.  This is a big move, given Walmart's size (largest employer in the U.S.) and brokering power.

In addition to announcing that Chromebooks will be sold in Walmart centers nationwide, Google will also channel their product to retail space in Staples.

At the rate things are going, year 2013 will be a record for sales of Chromebooks, given that in the most recent past six new markets were established world wide.

Let's hope the momentum continues and Chromebooks will continue to spread like a contagion, but in a good way, of course.

-- Dietrich

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