Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Google Drive Gets Failing Grade on Privacy Protection

by Dietrich Schmitz

Never mind that Google reneged on their promise to bring a native Google Drive Client to Linux.  It really doesn't matter to me at this point.  We have much bigger fish to fry.

You see, Google is as much complicit as any other ISP in cooperating with our beloved U.S. government in handing over your private data without a warrant.  The government waltzes in simply cherry picks whatever they are looking for unimpeded.

This is flouting our privacy rights and, with each successive day, more and more of our constitutional rights are being dismantled in the name of fighting terrorism.

"At what point do we stop taking away our rights?", is an open question everyone should be thinking about.  Because, the latest news regarding disclosure of the NSA's Prism project confirms just how far 'out of hand' things have progressed with the overreach by our government into our private affairs.  Seeing such news, one wonders where we will be in five years.  I fear the erosion of our rights will continue unless these projects are abandoned.

Your only recourse in fighting back to hold off these intrusions?:

Folks, I cannot stress this enough.  There is no other option if you plan on storing any personal data on the Internet other than encryption to keep prying eyes from reading it.

And, I feel obligated to tell you that NONE of your data stored in Gmail or Google Drive is encrypted.

In fact, Google will not offer an encryption service in the interest of protecting your privacy.  Why?  Because, it will render their 'parsers' useless in parsing through your data for advertising purposes, their main 'cash cow'.

This stands as being a gross conflict of interests and Google has overtly chosen to make profit a higher priority than protecting your privacy.

I give Google a FAIL on their moral ethics and stance on privacy.  

The bottom line?: Don't use Google Drive or Gmail if you don't want your data seen by third parties.  

-- Dietrich
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