Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Kumbayah Moment: New Ubuntu Community Website

by Dietrich Schmitz

Oh let's join hands now and sing the Coke song or Kumbayah, shall we?  I am feeling so inspired now that (tout d'un coup) a new Ubuntu community website is open.

Isn't that exciting?  What? No?

Agreed.  I mean, why now?  Do you think Canonical Ltd. realize they have a public relations nightmare 'image' problem on their hands?

No, Let's call it major 'damage control'.

And yet, more 'window dressing' being applied slap dab by corporate in a failed effort to prop up a sagging morale.  Don't be anybody's fool.  Take a close look at the picture on the website and you'll see those are Canonical Ltd. employees.

Label this latest move as 'symptomatic' of what I have previously written about: Ubuntu is NOT a Community Project.

It's time for a fork people.  Power to the community, right on.  openUbuntu.  Rise up.

-- Dietrich

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