Thursday, June 27, 2013

Privacy. It's Your Right. Own It With Zero Knowledge Application Framework

by Dietrich Schmitz

It's really time to stop having our Internet Privacy rights trifled with.  And SpiderOak's new Crypton Zero Knowledge Application Framework (ZKAF) could not have come soon enough, a toolset for developers world-wide to employ in encrypted data storage applications.

The idea behind ZKAF is that a developer need not understand cryptography to write applications which need to implement ZKAF to the underlying data store's hardware.  The framework guarantees that stored data will never be accessible to anyone other than its owner who is the only authority that can unlock it.

Third parties will simply be unable to access such data without the permission of the owner.  And, the premise of Zero Knowledge is that the Cloud ISP which is providing storage service using ZKAF can prove 'plausible deniability'.

Possessing absolutely no knowledge of what is being stored on their hardware drive infrastructure relieves them from any responsibility for what gets stored and also contingent liability (recall the MegaUpload Dot Com website Government seizure).  That type of seizure cannot happen with ZKAF.

This puts third party commercial or governmental agencies at a distinct disadvantage in not having any choice but to go straight to the owner of the data requesting access.  Citizen's taking advantage of ZKAF-enabled Cloud storage can invoke their right to privacy and leave those agencies to take legal action in public court to challenge why such access should be granted.  

We used to be a country where a court ordered warrant meant something and was first obtained before a search and seizure in a citizen's home or on their private property could be performed.  With 9/11, that effectively went out the window with the Patriot Act and National Security Letter which are unconstitutional at best.

Isn't this really the way things should be?  Isn't it time for Americans to fight back and reclaim their right to privacy?

Assert guaranteed privacy in the cloud. Insist that your Cloud ISP employ ZKAF for their storage service.  Accept no other standard.

Internet Privacy.  It's your right.  Own it with ZKAF.

God Bless America.

-- Dietrich
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