Thursday, September 4, 2014

CryptoWall RansomWare: The Psychology of Mass Insanity

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Albert Einstein once defined insanity as this, "Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results."

Are you using Windows Legacy (x86) 8.1 and older?

If you answered yes, then, I am afraid you are technically insane. ;)

Oh.  That Anti-Virus software subscription tool you so diligently run?  It is money and time wasted.  The types of attacks now occurring simply fly 'below the radar' of AV scans and morph their signatures on a daily basis so as to not be seen.

If you aren't thinking about switching operating systems, you really need to have your head examined.  It has become child's play for global crime rings to perpetrate the kinds of attacks such as the one depicted at the top of this story (aka RansomWare) and they get away with it by a process known as 'Drive-By' Javascript DLL injection into Windows Legacy operating systems going all the way back from 8.1 to Windows 2000.  Why?  Because they all share the same legacy WinNT kernel design and because Enterprise has been thoroughly invested in Windows, they cannot change the code or it would break Enterprise systems.

This is their dilemma -- their personal nightmare.  And just as with the slow death of XP, Legacy won't go away any time soon -- it is entrenched and businesses are 'married' to it for better or for worse.

You, the consumer, have a choice.  Distance yourself from a known problem.  Research 'Stuxnet' and then ask yourself how that could possibly happen (cough backdoors).

As long as you insist on using Windows Legacy, you are assuming the role of a 'victim'.  Don't be a victim.  Own your privacy.  It's your right.

Reclaim it with Fedora Desktop Edition Linux: the safest operating system on the Planet.

I stake my reputation on it.

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-- Dietrich


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