Friday, September 5, 2014

RetroShare: An Essential Privacy Tool Introduction

RetroShare shown running on my Fedora 20 LXDE Desktop

Maybe you feel defeated?  You have that sense of helplessness?

Yout think, "Don't fight it.  We can't win against them.  There is no privacy on the Internet."

Give up?

No.  Don't give up.  Fight back.  There is an easy tool, now, today, at your disposal, which as far as I am concerned is not difficult to install and immediately use that will assure 100% privacy on the Internet.

What tool?  It's shown above running on my desktop.  It's called RetroShare.

You see, the NSA is perfectly happy you use Google's tools, including Drive, Gmail.  They are clear text and there's no difficutly in their getting to that repository if they choose to do so.

On the other hand, the NSA is not happy about tools like RetroShare.  So much so, in fact, they cannot invade your privacy space on Retroshare.  They cannot penetrate the encryption.  Enjoy privacy on your own terms with RetroShare.

RetroShare is a mature product in continual refinement since 2006.  The feature set is robust.  To learn more, check out their wiki, FAQ, and screenshots.

So, go ahead and try RetroShare.  If you get on-line, give me a shout.  I'm here.

RetroShare is open source and free.  Download here.

Watch my screencast: RetroShare: An Essential Privacy Tool

-- Dietrich


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