Friday, August 22, 2014

Cry Babies Cry. Programmers Code.

A schism of sorts is forming in the Debian developer community as one developer has gone on record to formally criticize Debian's decision to adopt systemd in an Open Letter to the Linux World.

Here's what I have to say to Mr. Christopher Barry and others who may agree with his viewpoint.  Accept it.  Systemd is a done deal.  It's here for good reasons whether you realize it or not.  But I hope you eventually grasp why it was written, as it does solve many inherent 'known' problems with aged sysvinit.

And, as expected, a chorus of cry babies has been awoken, like sleeping dogs, taking aim (again) at systemd.

Those who complain in this instance, I am afraid, have a simple agenda.  

They are lazy.

As such and with much creativity they will persist lodging complaints so as to avoid doing some difficult, but not insurmountable, work.  Yes, there are many pain points in addressing merging systemd PID 1 code that are due to its 'middleware' central/critical role, which result in dependency changes and in some cases some major code rewrites that must be done to conform with this new technology standard.

Ah, standard.  There's the rub.  There are legions of arrogant, swaggering Open Source code jockeys who like to strut their stuff by spinning off their 'me too' Distro with their own branding overnight.  Have you taken a count of how many Linux Distributions there are now?

Standardization strengthens the power of Linux.  Distro sprawl does not.

The planned integration of systemd is now officially deployed to Debian Jessie Beta 1. This means that all the 'foot dragger' derivatives must follow suit with doing what is needed to align with this major system design change.

So, while we see some dig in their heels by organizing a boycott, others choose to simply whine, as the din gets louder and louder.  Soon, though, the cry babies will run out of tears, pick up their toys, and go home whilst the real-world Programmers continue to keep their heads down, doing the grunt work with little fanfare and nary a complaint.

Cry Babies cry.  Programmers code.  -- Dietrich


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