Monday, April 29, 2013

Turbo Charge Yum with Fastest Mirror and AxelGet Plugins

by Dietrich Schmitz

Holy Crap.

I just finished adding AxelGet to Fedora 18.

What does it do?  

Well, it speeds up your yum downloads by opening multiple ports in parallel, which in turn speeds up your update experience, dramatically.

Now, I've always done my iso downloads using Axel which is the same protocol for AxelGet called by yum.  The axel protocol is arguably faster than any bittorrent.  Just pass the url of a given file which you wish to download to axel in a terminal and off it goes on a tear burning rubber as it starts.

Axel is in the Fedora repository, but if you are currently using another Distro, you can right-click the above link and download a tar.gz of it.  You'll need to untar it to a directory, cd to that directory, ./configure, make and sudo make install to have it available on your machine.

So, I am recommending that the Fedora Team put AxelGet into their standard install as it should be there alongside all the other plugins like Fastest-Mirror.

In this article you'll learn how to install both Fastest Mirror and AxelGet plugins into Fedora 18.

Fastest Mirror

To avail yourself to using Fastest Mirror, open a terminal window and type:

$sudo yum install yum-plugin-fastestmirror

The point of this plugin is for yum to locate a repo mirror which is fastest for your download, presumably one closest to your geographical location.


AxelGet is found in the Google Code repository.  Essentially you will need two files, one being a configuration file, axelget.conf and the other being a Python yum plugin,

Essentially, we need to to download each.  Right-click the links above and save into your ~/Downloads directory.

From a terminal window type:

$cd && cd Downloads

Then axelget.conf must be copied into /etc/yum/pluginconf.d/ directory.  From a terminal, type:

$sudo cp axelget.conf /etc/yum/pluginconf.d/

File needs to be copied into /usr/lib/yum-plugins/ by typing the following:

$sudo cp /usr/lib/yum-plugins/

You can test the speed now of axelget by installing any application.  I chose LibreOffice.  Remember to observe all rules of the road and traffic regulations.

Always use yum responsibly.

-- Dietrich
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