Monday, April 29, 2013

Confused by FuSE

by Dietrich Schmitz

[Edit: 4/29/2013 2:00pm GMT-5 Comments on this post has been closed.]

[Edit: 4/29/2013 6:00pm GMT-5 A correction to the below story has been made to reflect that +Andrew Wyatt, not Lee Ward, was the sole decision maker on the closure of the Fuduntu website.  The pullquote cited from OStatic was incorrect.  

We apologize for any misunderstanding that may have resulted from this error.]

So it has been decided by +Lee Ward+Andrew Wyatt that Fuduntu's shop will close its doors effective immediately.

Previously, upon announcement of the 'end of life' for Fuduntu, it was indicated that Fuduntu revisions would be forthcoming through the end of year 2013.

Not according to Lee WardAndrew Wyatt.  As reported in an OStatic story:

This weekend brought the news that Fuduntu will be no more effective immediately. WardWyatt said that most of their users have moved on anyway and the team members are already working on FuSE. There just doesn't seem to be any interest in developing Fuduntu anymore even for just a few more months. He said, "May you all find a replacement distribution that you enjoy as much as you enjoyed Fuduntu."

Personally, I have reservations about this decision.  How exactly does this represent innovation?  Taking and forking another concern's Distro, in this case openSuSE and adding Consort by itself isn't noteworthy.

I mean today anyone can create a cookie-cutter Distro.  With all due respect to +Ikey Doherty for his work on Consort, that clearly is innovative and speaks for itself and volumes regarding Ikey's talent.

But I can't help but feel the effort to fork openSuSE is a wasted effort and a diversion from doing real innovating.

There's nothing wrong with doing it but it continues to dilute the pool of technology represented by Linux on the Desktop.

The codebase for openSuSE is massive and I am quite certain the Lee Ward's team is understaffed to maintain or even scratch the surface in comprehending the depths to which one must go to keep such a Distro going.

Once upon a time, and up until 2006, I was a tried and true openSuSE Linux advocate.  It was with the poisoning of the well by Ron Hovsepian and the Novell/Microsoft Interoperability that I withdrew my support and moved to Ubuntu.  To this very day, SuSE Gmbh, the commercial version receives financial support from Microsoft.

So, you see, openSuSE is simply not a Distro I can or will ever consider by virtue of that relationship.

I am not sure if Lee Ward 'the FuSE Team' gave that any consideration but I don't see any merit in cloning yet another Distro and bolting on someone else's GUI and calling that progress.

FuSE will have little to differentiate itself aside from Consort as far as I can tell.

So, color me confused, if you will, by this decision.  There's nothing particularly interesting about it.

-- Dietrich

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