Friday, April 26, 2013

Red Hat Linux is Here Today and Now

by Dietrich Schmitz

I've been biding my time for several years with Ubuntu Linux.  What?

Oh, that's right, they aren't using the 'L' word any more--it's now just plain Ubuntu.  As if that is going to help their cause?  I doubt it.

Color me doubtful because Canonical haven't gained real traction in the U.S. to speak of.  At what point do you cut bait with a company run by an elitist millionaire who likes to have things his way and who won't hesitate to tell you that 'he knows best'?

No, I am quite done with Canonical's shenanigans.  You see, they just don't get that Unity is still a regression.  They will never admit that.  Instead, they now have a version of Ubuntu called Ubuntu Touch.  I believe that if Canonical were timely and had gotten to market three years ago, then their Unity touch interface might have garnered some business.

Per usual, Canonical are a day late and a dollar short.  And that goes too for their foray into producing smartphones running Ubuntu.  It's just an uphill battle they won't win against the standard bearer Android and Apple iOS iPhone treading water in second place sales.

So, when I choose Fedora as my preferred Linux Desktop, I do so for several reasons.  One because I feel sponsoring their Distro will 'make a difference'.

Sponsoring a smaller Distro, will not have a major impact.  It's okay for everyone to have choice but the proliferation of cookie cutter Distros is diluting innovation.  It's getting so Pete can have his own PeteOS Linux and there's nothing proven by doing so.  Keep using what you like, but for me, it's more important to be where I feel support will make a difference.

You see, Red Hat sponsor and underwrite ongoing research and development funneled into Fedora.  And Red Hat continues to grow with $1B+ annual sales year over year.

Red Hat is a company that has learned and sets an example for others to follow on how open source Linux can truly be monetized.  Red Hat's subscription based Software as a Service (SaaS) business model is succeeding.

And I am behind that.  Red Hat started Linux off in the early nineties and struggled to profit but they have now reached the mountain top.

Red Hat doesn't live on their laurels either and continue to innovate and give back with their sharing of KVM and establishment of the Open Virtualization Alliance (OVA).  Red Hat don't just cherry pick like Canonical.  No, they are on record ranked as number two in an annual report from the Linux Foundation for contributions to the Linux Kernel for 2012.

Make a difference.  Put your endorsement on Fedora because Red Hat will continue to grow and succeed in broad strokes around the globe.

Red Hat Linux is here today and now.

-- Dietrich

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