Monday, March 11, 2013

Linux Advocates Gets Facelift

By +Dietrich Schmitz

Linux Advocates has a new theme.  We strive to bring you fresh outlooks using the latest technology.
The embedded flash slider to will alert readers to stories of interest and special announcements.  The menu at top of page now is now a hierarchical nested structure which will provide needed flexibility.  Its structure will change as we grow and expand to delineate areas of our system.

The commenting system was recently changed to DISQUS which provides enhanced nested comments and various features lacking in the standard Blogger comment system.

Comments are moderated so bear in mind that it might take us thirty minutes to 'approve' your feedback--but more likely I will be there to moderate within minutes.

We hope you find navigation easier, and reading more pleasant.

Do enjoy. -- Dietrich

Linux Advocates New Look and Features

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1 comment:

  1. Looks really good! And going over to Disqus was a great move as the Blogger comment system is awful, so much so that I finally got to the point that I would rarely comment on a Blogger site if it used the default comment system. One thing though. Once someone has been approved for their first comment, will they have to be approved for every comment thereafter or will subsequent comments after the first "approved" one not require further approval? Something like that anyway.