Friday, March 1, 2013

Final Results: Linux Distro Survey, 3rd Time is the Charm


The Linux Distro Survey, 3rd Time is the Charm closed at midnight March 1, 2013.  Here are the the results.

Talk amongst yourselves. --Dietrich


  1. woah, Arch tied for second? Am I seeing that correctly? That's awesome! Glad to see Fuduntu doing better as well. Cool to see diverging results from the first survey.

  2. Unfortunately, with such a small sampling the data isn't randomized enough, thus we are seeing a 'local' data cluster.

  3. Perhaps the small sample size might still be useful.

    My concern is that RPM-based distros are so forked, that they are incompatible with each other. afaik Pclinux etc hs so damaged their version, that they nolonger are able to use rpm apps, except from their own repository.

    Contrasted to DEB app - usable on every (?) DEB-derived distro. I am guessing that most of your survey results show poor support for every Linux, except for DEB-derived distros.

    Similarly, Distrowatch has similar findings. I've written on this in Distrowatch a few times, but get the hostility of the minority (non-Deb users). Perhapsd you have similar fears, so you are fearful of stating the obvious?

    Chief Information Officer (Retired 1984), Australian Capital Territory

  4. Greg! Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply.

    I fear that continued forks will so cause more variation and move away from LSB.

    There should be a concerted effort to 'certify' each Distro and label them 'LSB-compliant' if they are such.