Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Chromebooks for EVERYONE

by Dietrich Schmitz

It's happening.  Chromebooks officially go on sale today in several countries which opens the floodgates for sales to those who thus far haven't been able have this popular, easy to use Internet Appliance.

That's right.  Internet Appliance.  Has a nice ring to it, does it not?

Seriously, technophiles may want to do things with Chromebook, as in installing client GUI applications from a Linux repository, but 'the masses' simply want to pick up an economically-priced device,  turn on, use.

That pretty much sums up what makes the Google Chromebook a huge hit.  It's hard to beat when you consider how inexpensive it is, how easy it is to just use with it's built in apps and cloud-integration features.  Google also provides options for when you need off-line access to apps too.

It's got most people's needs covered and that price is right.  From the linked-to Google announcement:

Now you can buy a Chromebook in AustraliaCanadaFranceGermany,Ireland and the Netherlands.

So, there's no excuse.  Go on-line or to your nearest retail distributor and order your Chromebook today.  Time's a wasting.

The world awaits, brought to EVERYONE by Google.

-- Dietrich
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