Wednesday, August 7, 2013 Chain Reaction of Breakdowns in Progress

by Dietrich Schmitz

Folks, this is another in a series of public service reports about the U.S. economy.  This information, I feel, is vital and therefore I am sharing it with you here on my Linux Advocates website.  Please reshare with Friends and Family.  Original story here.  -- Dietrich

Chain Reaction of Breakdowns in Progress-Dr. Jim Willie

Jim Willie: Out of Control Chaos Coming to the United StatesBy Greg Hunter’s  
Dr. Jim Willie, Publisher of “The Hat Trick Letter,” says, “We’re leading up to a big event.  We are having breakdowns in numerous structural elements of the financial system.  We’re seeing a chain reaction of breakdown events in progress.”  Fed Chief Ben Bernanke talked about tapering the money printing to buy bonds two months ago.  Dr Willie contends, “The ‘taper talk’ was a stress test to find out what in the world would break down, and the answer was everything!”  Dr. Willie predicts, “In the United States, we are going to have shortages across the board, and that includes gold and silver.  Just think food and gasoline.  That’s when the riots are going to start.  You are going to see out of control chaos and the government stepping in to restore order. . . . Shortages and price inflation are going to drive people out of their minds.”   Join Greg Hunter for an in-depth One-on-One interview with Dr. Jim Willie, who can be found on

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