Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pamela Jones Voluntarily Shuts Down Groklaw.net

by Dietrich Schmitz

This is outrageous.  Pamela Jones has singularly been probably the biggest shining light on Linux Advocacy there is.  She has won many awards in recognition of her accomplishments.

Today, she posted a story about her decision to voluntarily take down her website because of her concern that email privacy has been compromised.

In her situation, she deals with and contacts many people throughout the world in the highest echelons and as such she deals with highly sensitive information, naturally.

How is she to operate in full confidentiality a website such as Groklaw in light of what has transpired with the disclosure that the NSA continue to operate a project which has become known as PRISM?  How is she to operate in light of the Patriot Act and National Security Letters, which to date haven't reached her door?

She has decided to shut down her site because she feels she has no recourse.

I submit that if she uses the RetroShare facility in conjunction with Cryptobin.org she can be assured of operating in full confidentiality, including email, file sharing, and audio calls.

We have long since past the point where government has gotten too big and isn't serving the best interests of 'the people'.

To the extent that I know and have corresponded with her on several occasions, I have reached out to her and I sincerely hope she will seriously consider setting up RetroShare to reach me (and other developers at Retroshare I know) and discuss how a 'fool-proof' method of sharing her F2F keys with anyone to whom she wishes to communicate in complete confidentiality can be implemented.  The NSA cannot circumvent Retroshare.

-- Dietrich
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