Monday, December 1, 2014

MegaSync Your Cloud Data for True Internet Privacy

MegaSync Client for Linux with GNOME Nautilus 'Drag Drop' Support shown on my Fedora 21 Workstation Desktop

Strong Encryption is the only choice to secure the Public's Internet Privacy against unwarranted access.

I really don't know how to make that message any more clear.

You see, ISPs are going to 'feather their own nests' as we bear witness to changing Terms of Service with Google and most recently at Facebook.

Personally, I could not care less about their Terms of Service.

Because, as far as I am concerned, anything put on their sites becomes theirs.  Period.  They can claim otherwise.  It doesn't matter.

Google doesn't want to encrypt your Gmail, or Drive.  Why?  Because 'they claim' it's parsed for Advertising revenue purposes.  Does that seem legitimate to you?

Let me lay it bare for you.

The truth of the matter and what Google won't say is, they profit also from intelligence gathering by parsing keyword triggers that get forwarded to domestic and foreign governmental agencies. That is not Transparency. No, it is outright lying by omission.

Your Gmail and Drive get scrutinized every time you use it.

I've written on how to manage your Gmail using OpenPGP Encrypted Evolution Email on Linux Advocates.

The technique I illustrated renders any third-party's ability to parse clear text useless.

As for Google Drive?  Avoid it 'like the plague'.  MegaSync employs 'zero knowledge' end-to-end encryption and gives 50GB of free space by default.

Mega's strong encryption makes your personal folders and files just streams of block data totally unintelligible, so that Mega doesn't know what is getting stored.

You may recall, the take down of Kim Dot Com's MegaUpload by the U.S. Government.  Kim Dot Com said it was "a death sentence without a trial".

Mega with MegaSync client changes all that.

Now, Mega can reliably claim what is legally termed 'plausible deniability' for what clients store on their site, by virtue of how this method of encryption works.

And, isn't that the way it should have been all along?  Really.  It's nobody's business what a law abiding Netizen stores on the Internet.  It's personal.  It's private.  And Mega fills this gaping unmet need.

In the final analysis, if the government wants to know what is stored in the cloud of an account holder, they need to take out a search warrant issued by a Judge.  Then and only then, should a 'Good Netizen' comply by unlocking their encrypted files.

With MegaSync strong encryption, nobody can see your data without your expressed consent.

MegaSync your cloud data for true Internet Privacy.

-- Dietrich


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