Thursday, April 24, 2014

Two stories critical of systemd taken offline

by Dietrich Schmitz

There are two stories I wrote last year in progression as I waded through a sea of technical information regarding systemd.

The two taken in totality paint a picture that would represent I am against systemd.

In a follow-on story, I continue my technical evaluation of the merits of systemd including cgroups.

My conclusion then and today is that systemd is, on net, a technology advancement which I accept and use today in Fedora 20.

A site has recently been using one of those stories as reference material in a campaign to boycott systemd.  I do not wish to be associated with any such campaign.

Accordingly, I have taken off-line those two stories which are now inconsistent with my viewpoint.  

People can change their minds about things, and often do, as I have done.

All hail Lennart Poettering.  -- Dietrich


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