Saturday, February 15, 2014

Debian, Ubuntu Cave In: Standardize on Systemd

by Dietrich Schmitz

It's almost too painful to watch.  Really.  

Whenever Debian gets around to getting off their collective hands and coming to grips with reality, it's as though a new Pope were being selected and we are all waiting with great anticipation for the 'smoke signal' indicating a decision has been made.

Good grief.  This is what constitutes progress for Linux.  It's really border-line funny how Debian committees work through the pros and cons of adopting Upstart vs. systemd.

Do these Folks realize they are running the risk of becoming irrelevant in their inaction while the earth continues to turn on its axis?  Seriously, systemd is a foregone conclusion and while it took time for me to digest the technical issues during the past year, I do see its importance.

The thing is, this does represent not only a technical advancement, but also galvanizes the Distro community into a level of conformance which begets standardization.

Oh there's the standardization word again.  I said it.

Let me pose a hypothetical question for you developers out there:

What would happen if you dropped all of your current development efforts on your Distro X and enlisted to work on one mainstream Top 5 Distro, such as Fedora?

Think about that question for a moment.  What would you be giving up and what would you be gaining?

The initial knee-jerk reaction might be to say "I'd be losing my right to choice".  But would you?

Is the act of being independent and creating variation 'because I can' and "it's my right" of higher importance than say putting forth the effort to build a superior singular Distro?  Imagine if you would, hundreds, thousands of developers going to work on one Distro.  Leveraging the intellectual resources and manpower would be amazing.

But wait, all of that 'variation'?  It would fall to the wayside and we as developers could all focus on working with one software API, one file hierarchy structure.  The effect would be the same as if overnight we all chose Android and focused on application development in that ecosystem.

Honestly, I wonder where Linux will wind up and hope that if consolidation occurs as I predict, more effort will be redirected to a single Distro which can be forged, annealed, hardened to become as popular as Windows.

The success of Windows is as much about a monopoly as it is about one standard, one api, which was embraced and flourished.  Microsoft Windows legacy 8 is aged and I believe we have reached a turning point where Corporate Enterprise knows it must do something to unshackle itself from a marriage to an ever-restrictive proprietary solution.

Mark Shuttleworth acts like a defeated Man in his Losing Graciously concession to adopting systemd.  It's silly.  Look at the big picture.

One Distro, one API, with thousands of developers behind it, is a powerful thing.

-- Dietrich 

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