Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Google: You've Been Owned. Fix Your F'ing Security

by Dietrich Schmitz

Theatrics.  That's all it is.  We see blustering, cries of 'outrage' by Eric Schmidt in a public reaction of 'surprise' to the fact that the NSA penetrated their firewall and set up camp reading any and all of their 'clear text' data files with impunity.

This same company, prides itself on selling Chromebooks with an unblemished record at Pwnium 2013 of no successful hack which resulted in fully owning the ChromeOS operating system.

How is it that so much effort can be put forth to develop ChromiumOS with a sincere intent to make security a prime order of concern yet Google's data centers store data in clear text?

This isn't being discussed in any of the media stories.

The real 'top dog' priority for Google is advertising revenue.  And, they know full well that if they encrypted the public's data they could no longer parse it to exploit, mine, for advertising purposes and that would put a major choke hold on a part of their revenue stream they so cherish.

The public's trust, good faith, and right to privacy takes a 'back seat' to Google's penchant for profit.  Google is colliding directly with 'Do No Evil' as they continue to change their ways with a clear intent to take major portions of their technology base proprietary

That is the bottom line and there is no clear indication from them policy-wise, one way or another, as to what they plan to do at this point, if at all, other than public 'feel good' talk and expletives from Google Engineers seen in today's news.

Google.  You've been owned real bad and at the Public's expense.  It's time for you to fix your F'ing security.  I think you just might have screwed the pooch this time.

-- Dietrich
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